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OpenApp Partners

OpenApp have partnered with System Software Training and Beehive to deliver Open Source training and are an authorised reseller for Ximian and Bynari.

The LinuxMall supplies all Linux and Open Source Software titles in box sets andlicense agreements. Contact them at
Systems & Software Training is a specialist IT Training and Value-added Services company established in 1999. Our focus is to provide IT staff with the skills that they need to achieve their goals and to become expert in the technologies that they already have or in which they intend to invest. SyssoftTrain 
Beehive has a successful history of instructing organisations and corporations how to adopt cutting edge technology. The participants of our courses benefit from both our Educational -- and Development experience building powerful Python and Zope applications for corporations and organizations in both Europe and North America. beehive
Ximian® is the leading provider of desktop and server solutions helping to enable enterprise Linux adoption all over the world. Ximian offers a complete Linux desktop environment and productivity application suite as well as enterprise software management solutions to dramatically reduce the cost of deploying and maintaining Linux systems.

Bynari offers an enterprise email server that scales from Intel platforms to IBM mainframes, providing world-class reliability for hundreds of thousands of users. Bynari significantly reduces the hardware, software, and administrative costs with managing email systems by consolidating email servers. With no end-user retraining, Bynari provides seamless interoperability with all versions of Outlook and other email clients. bynari